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•TRON DAO team participated in the NFT NYC 2023, with 3 members speaking on the Main Stage.
•During the event, 1300+ speakers, 6000+ registered attendees, 18000+ NFTs collected by attendees and 80+ sponsors were present.
•The TRON DAO team engaged with participants to tell about all that’s happening across the TRON Network, connected with projects and people for partnerships and forged interoperable partnerships with artists and builders.

TRON DAO Team at NFT NYC 2023

Geneva, Switzerland – On April 19th, 2023 over 1300 speakers, 6000 registered attendees and 80+ sponsors attended NFT NYC 2023. The TRON DAO leadership team was a Platinum Sponsor of this event and three of its leaders spoke on the Main Stage: Dave Uhryniak (panel discussing “Decentralization through NFTs”), Feroz Lakhani (fire-side chat about “Navigating the Future: Pivoting to a Career in the Decentralized World”) and Jason Dukes (fire-side chat about “Navigating the Future: Pivoting to a Career in the Decentralized World”).

Goals of TRON DAO at NFT NYC2023

At this event, TRON DAO had several goals including: engaging with participants to tell them about all that’s happening across the TRON Network; connecting with projects and people to discern potential partners; representing their community from the Main Stage; forging interoperable partnerships with artists and builders; challenging NFT enthusiasts to take a look at what they can build on TRON; sharing their APENFT marketplace.

Activities of TRON DAO during NFT NYC2023

TRONDAO team enjoyed delicious New York cuisine, downing late-night cannolis, enjoying drinks over enriching conversation as well as attending blockchain sponsored events such as concerts or art shows. They also took part in many activities related to their goals such as interacting with participants telling them more information regarding what is happening on their network or connecting with projects/people for potential partnerships. In addition they represented their community from the main stage talking about topics that intrigue decentralized world lovers while also forging interactions between artists & builders who already developed other blockchains & inviting them now to expand it into their own network & challenge nft enthusiast what can be built & shared under theirs too!

Outcomes of TRONDAO Participation at NFT NYC2023

After four days participating on this event it was clear that news from Tron spreaded among all attendants having surprised many who weren’t aware of what is actually happening within Tron’s network or even how much USDT it moves compared to Ethereum or how is BitTorrent Chain bridging both networks making possible expand creations&sharings between both ecosystems!

Uquid Partnerships Announcement

As an extra outcome Uquid announced its partnership offering fast&affordable payments methods powered by TronDAO aiming improve users experience when doing transactions through blockchain technology!