Secure Your Crypto Trades: Selecting the Right Exchange Platform

• The recent crash of the FTX exchange is a stark reminder of the importance of transparency and security in centralized cryptocurrency exchanges.
• BitMEX is an exemplary model for transparency and security through its on-chain Proof of Reserves and Proof of Liabilities data.
• StormGain offers a unique hybrid approach of decentralized and centralized exchanges, offering exceptional trading conditions for DEX traders while maintaining the security

Trading Decentralized vs Centralized Exchanges

Cryptocurrency traders face the decision to choose between decentralized (DEXs) or centralized (CEXs) exchanges. While DEXs are gaining popularity due to their decentralized nature and self-custody of funds, CEXs remain dominant among many traders. However, these platforms must employ measures to establish trust with their users.

A Cautionary Tale

The recent crash of the FTX exchange serves as a reminder that transparency and security must be prioritized in centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. Without auditing, open communication, and publication of key metrics, there can be disastrous consequences for those who entrust their assets on these platforms. To avoid mishaps, traders should select CEXs that prioritize transparency and security.

BitMEX: A Commitment to Transparency & Security

BitMEX is a leading CEX that demonstrates commitment to transparency and security through its on-chain Proof of Reserves & Proof of Liabilities data. By publishing this information twice weekly, users have up-to-date data to monitor the platform’s solvency instilling confidence in it as well as setting the standard for other CEXs across the industry.

StormGain: Offering a Unique Hybrid Approach

StormGain also showcases commitment to transparency & security in cryptocurrency space by providing a unique hybrid approach between decentralized & centralized exchanges. Traders can connect their wallets (e.g., MetaMask) via blockchain transaction to gain access to crypto derivatives trading while leveraging liquidity from StormGain’s CEX. This allows them to benefit from exceptional trading conditions while still maintaining secure protocols across all trades made using StormGain’s services .


Centralized exchanges must prioritize measures such as auditing, open communication & publication of key metrics if they wish to retain trust amongst their users. Platforms like BitMEX & StormGain serve as examples that demonstrate how transparency & security can work together successfully allowing traders access exceptional trading conditions without compromising safety protocols across all trades made using these services .