BitKeep Gets Rebranded as Bitget Wallet and Receives $30M Injection

• BitKeep, the largest non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet with over 8 million users, has released its updated roadmap for 2023.
• The new document foresees a rebranding of the service into Bitget Wallet after receiving a $30 million investment from the Bitget platform.
• The changes are intended to provide users with greater protection and access to hardware wallets providers like KeyStone as part of the broader Bitget ecosystem.

BitKeep Rebrands to Bitget Wallet

BitKeep, the world’s largest non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet, has announced its plans to rebrand into Bitget Wallet in 2023 following a $30 million investment from the crypto derivatives platform, Bitget.

New Roadmap

The new roadmap outlines changes in both visual appearance and technical updates that will allow for better user protection and system security. This includes alignment with Bitget’s overall visual style as well as leveraging solutions from their cybersecurity partners such as Certik and MD5. Additionally, support for hardware wallets providers like KeyStone will also be included in the update.

User Protection Fund

In addition to technical upgrades, users of BitKeep will now be able to rely on the $300 million User Protection Fund provided by Bitget should any potential threats arise – such as what occurred in December 2022. This fund is an important step towards elevating user security and trust within the service while providing assurance of funds being safeguarded against any losses.

Go Beyond Strategy

The rebranding of BitKeep is part of a larger effort by Bitget to incorporate Web3 products into its growing financial ecosystem – known as ‘Go Beyond Derivative Strategy’. This strategy serves as an effort by the exchange to bridge DeFi and CeFi space through quick access to Web3 tools while continuing to offer innovative services across all markets it operates on.

Final Remarks

It is important for investors and traders alike to understand that this rebranding does not imply any changes or risks associated with funds stored within their wallets but rather provides them with improved security measures and access to additional services offered by the wider Bitget ecosystem.